Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Look at the lights Christmas time is here"

"Look at the lights"

Christmas time is here and it's going to be a whole new experience for us because it will be our little ones first Christmas and because it's her first we are doing all that Christmas stuff together.....kind of.....well she was asleep when we put up the tree....and also when we put up the lights, but she was awake when we took her to go see Santa!

I think I experienced my first parent/dad issue waiting in line to see Santa if you could've just seen my face when we reached the front of the line I was a nervous wreck, all the other kids that took pictures with him were laughing and having a good time and I knew that we would be the ones with the child that cried when seeing Santa and about to reenact the scene from A Christmas Story when Randy freaks out.

ME: what if see cries?
Wife: um no.
Me: what if see sees his face and freaks out?
Wife: she won’t
Me: but…
Wife: she will be fine.

"You can just see the excitement in her face"

And she was, as you can see in the picture she kind of didn’t care much about the bearded man in a red suit.

I really don't know how to end this so...yeah "Merry Christmas"

Friday, October 31, 2014

"Its the Great Pumpkin, Mike & Sam"

Well another Halloween is here and tomorrow it will be gone I still can’t come to terms how time just fly’s by,  at one point I was planning on what to write about and now here I am writing the last post of this wonderful month of Halloween.  I would like to thank the people at for this and I look forward to seeing y’all next year.  

And Now the Great Pumpkin,

I do wish I had a lot more to write about, but we had our hands full this month and it was crazy but such is life and that just gives me more of an incentive to do better next year. I want to say thanks to all that stopped by to read about my crazy fun little family. If you enjoyed some of what you read come back from time to time I will be posting the rest of this holiday season and who knows what I will write about.

"A little message from Little Emma"

For those of you trick or treating tonight be careful and be smart, eat lots of candy and again be safe.

If you don't I'll send my cousin Chuckie to get you in your dreams.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

"I'm the baby"

It’s funny how a child can change you, it’s not just that you grow up because you are now responsible for a human life but this child has made me a baby myself. Before I go on there will be Halloween in this post I promise, I find that every time I see a newborn I quickly think he or she is just adorable and that is not a word I use regularly or was ever in my vocabulary, also I find myself fighting back tears with every video I watch of a baby or young child in it...gosh huh…..wait “gosh” where did that come from.

But I will also do anything for this child…anything. When we watched the first episode of The Walking Dead there was a scene where a bad guy had a baby by the neck and threatened to harm her. I had the worst feeling on that scene and I swear that I would have done something bad to that guy I mean I was angry, sad, felt hopeless and it was just a TV show but if you have read my blog you know how much I get into movies and shows.

Then there is this…

I wasted no time painting my daughters bum so that my wife could make a bumpkin out of it. See this is in the Halloween spirit, even though I used my daughter as the butt of this joke…get it. HA HA.


We even attempted to take pictures of her in a pumpkin patch but this was the best that we could get out of her, she was more entertained by the grass as it was the first time that she felt it between her toes. I will say this, she kicked the crap out of the grass and we all had fun.

Oh and Daddy made that bow....yup!


Friday, October 10, 2014

"Halloweens Past"

♪♫ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ♪♫

I can’t wait for that one Halloween day when I get asked “Daddy are going to dress up too” and then I’ll  have to dress up and go trick or treating with my daughter, I’m going to hate it…….YEAH RIGHT! As I write this I am thinking of all the cool things I can be and what costumes I wore as a kid back in the day. I can only think of a few, I went as The Crow one year in my teens and……….umm……wow… my trick or treating sucked I guess, well I do for some reason remember dressing up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yeah that’s me as Leo and my cousin Robert as Raph and one thing that I remember is that those costumes were only meant to be worn once and only once because by the end of the night they were barely hanging on by whatever plastic it was made of or had fallen off and stuffed in your candy bag if it fit with all that awesome candy you had, I mean the dang candy bags were made better than the costume itself.

But Halloween was always fun in our family wither you dressed up or not because everyone got into the spirit like my dad, he would just sit there at the end of the drive way and scare kids with just a mask on…now that’s talent.
 Even my grandma would sometimes join in on the fun.

 That’s my sis and her son Chucks eating the candy for other kids……I taught him well.