Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"The Eve of Christmas"

Well yet another month has gone by so fast that I didn't have any time to post anything, no I wasn't busy, just lazy I guess. I knew that I was probably going to be going from store to store buying gifts with the wife all month so I guess I was resting and preparing for it.......Ill also confess that I did some shopping this morning on the Eve of Christmas.

It feels like we just put up the Christmas tree and lights and I have a feeling that We I will be taking them down this weekend, again this holiday has gone by to darn quick. We did have a chance to watch some of our favorite Christmas movies like Jingle all the way, A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey), Deck the Halls, Christmas with the Kranks, Christmas Vacation and others so that's a plus, oh and if you have a chance I stumbled upon a movie call Homeless for the Holidays a few years back the acting is not top notch but the storyline is great. It was added to our top ten list.

One movie that I save for the end is "A Christmas Story" this is one of my favorite so I'll be watching that all Christmas day......OK maybe twice because I will be taking the decorations down.

So......with that I will say Merry Christmas to you and yours and if I don't post anything until next year...... Happy New Year those of you that read this blog...... thanks.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve.....
Well I wanted to post more than these two posts but it seems like this month just flew by. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to spending time with the family, as this will be the first time in a long time that we will all be together in one place, my sister’s house to be exact. For the past few years it has been a very difficult task getting everyone together in one place for the  holidays, there are four of us siblings which live in different town ranging from 15mile to 300 miles away, and our parents are also separated and to live in different places as well which again makes the holiday season chaotic. Enough of the sob story this year we will have a chance to all be together for a thanksgiving feast.....ok more like a small yet no room left on the table kind of meal. None the less we will be together, there will be laughter, yelling, sneezing, coughing, talking, and I bet some crying from the niece and nephews......and Mom, Grandma. Well…guess I'll end this with a I get older and Wiser...yeah...I realize that there is so much that goes on in life and how quickly you can miss it, so take time and cherish the moments that you have because for that one great moment a Thousand memories will be made.
Oh I found a few pics for those of you that have children or for the child at heart that want to do some arts and crafts.
"Happy Thanksgiving"

 Color Me

Oh and this was Weird and Funny

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I failed you.....

I Have Failed you....

Well I didn't make it to the end of the Halloween countdown. That is a picture of me crying in shame. I took a business trip and forgot my laptop so I couldn't work on my blog, so when I got back home I was going to catch up, but I waited too long, and then I got sick and did not feel like sitting in front of a puter. So again I’m SORRY.
On the brighter side its November and a whole other month of decorations, movies and not to mention food. I will get into more of that later as I will be posting sporadically throughout the month. So stay tuned and keep reading.

Monday, October 21, 2013

 Day #21
"Tremors 4"

This movie is at spot #11 on the 13 Days of Halloween countdown. I really like the Tremors movies and everything about them, well except for some parts. I watched this movie with mixed thoughts at first because there were no familiar actors that I had seen before.
 There was Hiram(aka Burt in all the other movies) and I also really liked Juan Pedilla and the fact that he could never keep a hat on. He was also not a bad actor and held well in this movie.

 Now this guy, Black Hand Kelly almost made this movie horrible and I could not stand his acting so this scene made it all better and I was able to finish watching the movie. I recommend the movie pack if you can find it as you will pay a small price for all the movies.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day #20
"Amityville Horror"

This movie is in my number 12 spot because its a good movie and ill watch it if it is showing on basic cable but I wont cry if I miss it. Like I said it is a good movie and a great scare.
There are some great parts in the movie, like when the little girl shows the babysitter where she was shot by her brother and other small stuff that is added in the movie that you'll miss if you don't pay attention.
Oh and if any women are reading this, Yes there are a lot of scenes with Ryan Reynolds shirtless no pics sorry.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

HWCD The Craft

 Day #19
"The Craft"

This movie is in my top 13 favorites, why 13? Well in the spirit of the Thirteen Nights left of Halloween, I will try to list my 13 top favorite stuff of all time that will include movies, games and toys that are in the spirit and bring back the memories of my Halloween past and present.

I not sure what it was that made me like this movie so much that I added it to my list. The funny thing is I never replaced the VHS tape with a DVD so I haven't seen it in a while but I wouldn't mind watching it now or at anytime, to bad I don't have a VCR player. 

 I guess I was in that phase in my life where I thought this stuff was cool, I bought books and somewhat dressed in large baggy clothes,Hey I was in high school, plus I'm glad I didn't ware black all the time that's just weird to do in Texas. Maybe it was the fact that in the movie they were able to do cool stuff get what ever they wanted and I didn't care that it came with consequences.....well I guess I did because I don't follow or find that stuff interesting anymore. 

Still a great move.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Day #18
Resident Evil 2
(On N64)

I'm going to twist it up a bit, Resident Evil 2 on Nintendo 64 was one of my favorite zombie games to play back in the day. I would stay up until 1am playing this game which caused me to have weird dreams, hey I was a junior in high school at the time, but yeah I remember my brother and I played this game for hours at a time.....Good Times...Good Times....
These guys, if I remember correctly crawled all over the place and were hard to kill, not a typical zombie you would expect to see but still very cool, Oh did I mention hard to kill?
One thing that I hated about the game was the way you saved a game by having to look for a typewriter that were always in a room you wouldn't expect, for example, walk in to a typewriter.....but go into a storage room......Boom! There it is, and don't get me started on the storage box/foot locker where you stored your weapons. Over all this was and maybe still is one of my favorite games, maybe I should play it some day.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

 Day #17
Toy Story of Terror

 We watched this last night and I must say thank you to Disney for keeping this cartoon going. I love the Toy Story movies, not just because I still play with toys but like every kid out there I always wished my toys could talk.....too weird huh? Anyways this is a great film that starts the gang still getting into their unusual situations, this time on a road trip.

I wont say more, if you like the movies then this short is right up your ally. The Pic below shows the next showing for the rest of the month.....enjoy.

Toy Story of TERROR! on Disney Video

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day #16  "1408"

A film that I have in my top 5 favorite has to be 1408. This movie is based on a short story by Stephen King. The movie stars John Cusack who plays a writer who reviews supposedly haunted hotels and has him staying in various places, though his stay at The Dolphin Hotel is a whole different story. HA! pun intended....

This is another one of those movies where I get lost in the movie so much that it feels like I'm there.
Let me explain this one, I have an hour lunch at my job so sometimes I watch movies but by the time I get settled and situated to eat and watch I have at least 35 to 40min to watch a movie. So with all that I don't get to finish a movie in one day, so it stays in my head when I go back to work and its just a weird feeling. Get It? No! oh well.....

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day #15
"Night of the Living Dead"
This movie is on the list of favorites for me even though it's a low budget film and not a lot of special effects it still grabbed my attention the first time I watched it. This is the very first movie by Gorge A. Romero and it started the whole plague of zombie movies.
This movie takes place in a farmhouse where you have a man (Ben) and a young lady (Barbra) trying to figure out what's going on outside with strangers attacking others. Later they find out that there are other people in the house.

"This is pretty much what she does the whole movie."
Even though the movie lacked special effects, it still shows the distinctive difference between humans and zombies.
I am amazed that the style the zombies had in the movie is still kept in all zombie movies to date, and is what formed them and brought them to you know.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Day #14
This was another movie that I didn't watch until later in my life, this being one of the wife's favorite scary movies it was introduced to me then. I watched and instantly liked the time and era the movie was filmed, it was around the time I was a kid so this brought back memories of me my sister the neighbors causing trouble.
 You know seeing the movie later in my life probably was a good thing, it didn't traumatize me as a kid because I was always outside playing with friends and going into places we shouldn't have.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day Lucky #13
"The Walking Dead"

This day should probably be about Jason Voorhees in no other than Friday the 13th, but the fact that Season 4 of The Walking Dead premiers how can I resist. I was a late bloomer to the show being a fan of all the George Romeo Zombie films I thought that this was just another show that cashed in on the zombie craze, boy was I wrong. This show rocks and I could not stop watching it since watching the first episode on Netflix the show was already starting of season 3 when I got to season 2 so i had a way to go. As soon I caught up to the show and had to wait for the series to get released on blu-ray I was hooked and wanted more so I also got in to the comic book. The Comic is what started it all and this month marks the 10th Anniversary of the comic in which they released the first issue in color (all issues are printed in black and white).
Issue #1 "The Walking Dead"

 Rick, Carl, and Lori(Comic Version)

I personally recommend both  tho' the comic is completely different from the show and I say that as a good thing, but I really would not recommend this material for younger readers as its a bit graphic, but the choice will be yours. I can't wait for tonight......bring it!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

 Day #12
"The Exorcist"

The first time I watched this movie was when it was re-released(Restored Version) in theaters back in 2000 I figured this is the way I should experience this movie. Before that all I would hear about this movie was how great it is and how scary it was. This movie at the time was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen and experiencing it on the big screen was worth it. 

 This was one scene that caught me by surprise, I remember the whole audience in the theater react the same way I did, by jumping a bit of the seat.
I also thought the makeup was the best that I've ever seen in a movie and on a young actress.

What did you think of this great classic and do you remember the first time you watched it?

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Day #11

This movie was first introduced to me by my sister and I thought, how can my little sister make me watch a stupid movie? Well I was wrong this movie was cool no wait... Awesome! I must say for a movie that was released about 15 years before I watched it, I say bravo John Carpenter for directing the movie and
Stephen King for the novel. The movie is about a nerd that (you know gets picked on most of the time) finds a strange car on the side of the road that is being sold by a weird man who tells the kid that the car has an evil mind of its more go watch it.
A Model kit that I will never build.

and a toy car I will never open.

Okay enough of that, this movie was good in that it really didn't stray to far off on anything else but the car showing everything evil about it, and how it affects who ever owns it.

 This is right before that character Arnie changes his demeanor.

The beast showing its true colors.

If you have not seen this movie amazon has a 24hr rental that you can watch on your PC or Portable Device*.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

 "They're Here"
Day #10

I remember watching this movie as a kid and it scared the crap out of me, especially the clown in the kids room. I never had a phobia of clowns but if I ever see one in person and I start to feel a bit of fear I blame this movie. This movie would also make kids fear closets, storms, and trees outside their windows.

"Who loved clowns after this movie?"
On the lighter side of things there are also numerous amount of movies and tv shows that poke fun at this movie and reference parts of the movie in some scenes, here are some just to name a few.


"American Dad S2E2"
"You moved the stones, but you left the bodies"

"He didn't clean his plate, He only moved the Food"

This scene is the most memorable of the whole movie for me, I just cant get over of how big his teeth are.Well if you have not seen this move I recommend it its a good movie, the special effects might not be great,buy its still a good flick.