Thursday, October 5, 2017

"Tell Me Your Worst Candy Nightmare"

"Let Me Know" 

Right up above this post is a poll on a few of the worst candy that I have ever received in my reflective bright orange safety Halloween bag, you know the ones you would get at that mandatory safety assembly in the school gym/cafeteria when you were a kid. Well we are not talking about the bags but more about that one candy.. the one that quickly stole that twinkle in your eye the moment you dumped your bag on the kitchen table at end of the night. It was so horrible that you quickly lookup at your friends and hope that they didn't get a glimpse of it or else they'd make you eat it for a good laugh. Anyway here are some of my least favorites....

Cinnamon Mints
Candy Corn                                                                                      Circus Peanuts


Take the poll for fun and share with us which ones you hated getting in your candy bags....

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  1. Has anybody really gotten those mints? I would be so bummed. I'm ok with everything else.

  2. Caffeinated Joe, you can have all the Circus Peanuts if I get the candy corn!

    Take two big pieces, carefully jam them on your incisors - instant goofy fangs!

  3. I very vaguely remember the Circus Peanuts. But my favourite were the jack o’lantern marshmallows coated in chocolate. Can’t find them anymore.